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5 Steps To Improve Your Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD With the continued emphasis on improving the reproducibility of scientific data, it is critical to remember that there is no single step that will solve this problem. Instead, it is a mindset that needs to...

The Right Way To Read A Flow Cytometry Scientific Paper

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD Scientific reproducibility and the public's confidence in scientific results is critically important. One has to look no further than the website Retraction Watch to learn of the published papers that are being retracted for a...

Avoid Data Loss By Following These Steps To Set Your Flow Cytometry Gates Correctly

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD How are you defining your gates? When you do primary analysis or single tube analysis, it’s important that you make sure your gates are set correctly. You need to know that you can find the...

3 Ways To Measure Cell Death With Flow Cytometry

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD Cell death is a natural part of the lifecycle of a cell. In cases of development, it is critical for the shaping of fingers during human development. The processes of ordered cell death, or Apoptosis,...

5 Essential Controls For Reproducible Fluorescent Microscopy Imaging

Written By: Heather Brown Harding, PhD Fluorescent imaging has the potential to bring great insights into your research project. But, there is a lot of room for error. And one of the most common and completely preventable errors that many...

3 Action Steps You Can Take Right Now To Improve Your Flow Cytometry Reproducibility

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD Reproducibility is a key issue in science. Massive amounts of time and money are wasted when the results of experiments are not reproducible. For example, I was called into a lab to look at their...

Microscopy – 5 Reasons Coverslips Are Important For High-Quality Imaging

Written By: Heather Brown-Harding, PhD Most people are familiar with coverslips being placed on slides to protect the sample, but that's not the only reasons that coverslips are important. They also affect the image quality. Coverslips function by working with...

3 Considerations To Ensure Your Cell Sorting Flow Cytometry Experiments Run Smoothly

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD Cell sorting is such an important technique because it's a gateway tool for many other downstream applications. Assays such as culturing cells, genomic analysis, proteomics, injections into mice and the like are enabled by cell...

3 Questions You Should Be Asking About Flow Cytometry Controls For Your Experiments

Written By: Tim Bushnell, PhD What are the controls that you should be considering when planning and designing your flow cytometry experiments? Are you using isotype controls? Should you be? Isotype controls are one of the controls used in flow...

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How to Perform Doublet Discrimination In Flow Cytometry

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD What is doublet discrimination? You are probably familiar with the term, “doublet discrimination” or “doublet exclusion”, and have likely included this flow cytometry measurement into at least some (if not all) of your gating strategies....

How To Analyze FACS Data And Prepare Flow Cytometry Figures For Scientific Papers

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD “It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.” ― Albert Einstein...

What Is A Fluorescence Minus One, or FMO Control

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD The Fluorescence Minus One Control, or FMO control is a type of control used to properly interpret flow cytometry data.  It is used to identify and gate cells in the context of data spread due...

How To Set And Monitor Optimal Voltages For A Flow Cytometry Experiment

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD When a researcher first sits down in front of the flow cytometer, they are faced with several choices. One of the most confusing is, “What voltage do I set my detector at?” Unless the researcher...

3 Flow Cytometry Gates That Will Improve The Accuracy Of Your FACS Data Analysis

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD Flow cytometry data analysis typically involves a step where a series of gates are defined to identify the population of interest. The development of robust gating strategies, and the communication of these strategies can be...


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