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Expert Technical Training That Ensures Reproducibility In STEM

Cheeky Scientist’s Technical Programs currently include Expert Cytometry, Expert Microscopy, and Expert Sequencing. Each program provides continuing education credits and is taught by leading PhD experts in their respective STEM fields.


Top Technical Training EBooks

Advanced 4-10 Color Compensation

Tim Bushnell, PhD

Advanced 4-10 Color Compensation, Learn strategies for designing advanced antibody compensation panels and how to use your compensation matrix to analyze your experimental data.

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flow cytometry tablet eBook cover

Modern Flow Cytometry

Tim Bushnell, PhD

Learn the best practices of flow cytometry experimentation, data analysis, figure preparation, antibody panel design, instrumentation and more. 

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Advanced Microscopy

Heather Brown-Harding, PhD

Learn the best practices and advanced techniques across the diverse fields of microscopy, including instrumentation, experimental setup, image analysis, figure preparation, and more.

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Technical Training Programs

Expert Cytometry

Get access to expert training in flow cytometry, including real-time guidance by top flow cytometry scientists.

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Expert Microscopy

Get access to expert training in microscopy, including daily mentorship by microscopy experts across disciplines.

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Expert Sequencing

COMING SOON: Get access to expert training in next generation sequencing (NGS) by top NGS experts.

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Bring Us To You

Bring our award-winning flow cytometry, microscopy and next generation sequencing training teams to you. Our event team will help you set up a live seminar or webinar. Every live event includes free technical training program memberships so attendees can continue to learn after the event.

Improved Science In Your Lab

Master The Field Of Flow Cytometry

The ExCyte Mastery Class is for scientists who want to:

  • Stay up to date with current trends and best practices
  • Gain advanced knowledge quickly (even if you're a beginner)
  • Learn how to control for any type of flow cytometry experiment
  • Learn specific flow cytometry techniques and methodologies
  • Get expert information on flow cytometry antibody panel design, experimental design, data analysis, and statistics


The Jablonski Diagram

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD A Jablonski diagram illustrates the electronic states of a molecule as well as the transitions between them. These states are arranged vertically by energy and ...

The Importance Of Teaching With Integrity And Passion

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD Flow cytometry education has grown phenomenally in response to more sophisticated instrumentation, growing demands for more sensitive, high-speed and multi-parameter flow. Specialized training is critical ...

How To Train Your Personnel

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD ExCyte chooses to train people in flow cytometry because we know what it's like to feel the pain of ruined experiments. No one enjoys wasting ...

5 Keys To Writing A Shared Instrument Grant

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD I'm a scientist, not Perry Mason. I’m not a defense attorney or a detective. Why would I say that? Because well before March grant writers ...

Differential Pressure

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD Differential pressure based flow cytometers currently dominate the market. These systems have two pressure regulators. The first is at a constant pressure that sets how ...

What Is Titration

Written by Tim Bushnell, PhD Titration is the process of identifying the best concentration to use an antibody for a given assay. While the vendor will provide a specific concentration ...

Success Stories

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tom Jingyu Mu, Ph.D.

McMaster University

“I’m a postdoctoral researcher and a research scientist, so staying on top of the latest techniques in my field is essential for maintaining my quality of work. To do this,…

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Research Scientist

Jeanette Ampudia

ATyr Pharma

“I’m a research scientist in industry with a lot of experience in flow cytometry. Still, it’s important for me to stay on the leading edge of the field. That’s where…

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Chris Kloss, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

“I’ve been doing flow cytometry for over 9 years. Over these years I’ve come across certain issues that are “not found in the users manual.” By joining Expert Cytometry’s easy-to-attend…

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Matthias Wölfl, PhD.

University Children’s Hospital Würzburg

“There’s always something new to learn, I’ve discovered, especially in the field of flow cytometry. The Expert Cytometry program is one of the best I’ve seen on the topic of…

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Research Scientist

Kerry White

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

“Wow, this was an amazing online class! It allowed me to finally prove to my colleagues that we don’t actually need isotypes anymore. As a research scientist, it’s my job…

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Core Director

Nancy Fisher, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina

“I am a Core Director and have a lot of experience in flow cytometry. I joined Cheeky Scientist’s Expert Cytometry because I wanted to keep up with where the field…

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Vijaya Satchidanandam, Ph.D.

Indian Institute of Science

“I’m a principle investigator interested in learning advanced flow cytometry methologies. In particular, I wanted to learn about experimental design, controls and compensation, and data analysis. Expert Cytometry delivered on…

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Research Scientist

Eva Morschl, Ph.D.

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc

“I’m a research scientist in industry with a lot of experience in flow cytometry. I signed up for Cheeky Scietits’s Expert Cytometry because I needed to learn a specific flow…

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