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Advanced science training you can apply in your lab today.

Accurate, methodical, rigorous.


Welcome To The Cheeky Scientist Technical Programs


A High Standard In Advanced Technical Training

STEM represents crucial research that benefits everyone - that's why we want your lab work to reach the cutting edge. In the expert training curriculum, you will discover the imprint of dedicated scientists at work. 

Our goal is to make a lifetime of scientific learning available to every researcher. The tech team has decades of experience teaching and managing labs, and we collaborate closely with others like us to present systematic, structured, and enjoyable learning.

Our Technical Programs Will Help You:

  • Stay up to date with current trends and best practices
  • Gain advanced knowledge quickly (even if you're a beginner)
  • Learn how to control for variables in a broad range of experiments
  • Learn specific flow cytometry techniques and methodologies in cytometry, microscopy, and sequencing
  • Get expert information on panel design, experimental design, data analysis, and statistics

Meet The Masters


Tim Bushnell holds a PhD in Biology from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a co-founder of—and didactic mind behind—ExCyte, the world’s leading flow cytometry training company, which organization boasts a veritable library of in-the-lab resources on sequencing, microscopy, and related topics in the life sciences.


Heather Brown-Harding, PhD, is currently the assistant director of Wake Forest Microscopy and graduate teaching faculty. She also maintains a small research group that works on imaging of host-pathogen interactions. Heather is passionate about making science accessible to everyone.


Get Trained By Field Experts

There are some lab issues you can't find in the user's manual. Our courses will provide you with a huge opportunity: one-on-one interactions with field experts.

This is your chance to learn advanced techniques from masters in your field.

These veteran researchers are longtime professionals, intimately familiar with the realities of daily lab work: the nuances of equipment, weird glitches, data hacks, and hands-on work that define rigorous research. It's important to stay on the leading edge of your field, and we have a repository of knowledge that will help get you there.

Advanced Applications For Your Lab Today

Maximize the positive acceleration of your career with a robust portfolio of advanced training programs, each including multiple modules, a 1-hour instructional video, a downloadable workbook, and a presentation. After the completion of each module, you can test your expertise against quizzes and scored exams.

This is learning you can immediately apply in your own lab.