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Leverage Your PhD To Transition Into A Meaningful, High-Paying Career

The Cheeky Scientist Association represents the world’s #1 non-academic career training program for PhDs. Our Association is a private network of over 4,000 PhDs who are currently either in or seeking non-academic careers from over 32 different countries.

When you become an Associate, you will get immediate access to a private, highly organized and optimized PhD-level job search blueprint. You will also get lifetime access to our private job referral network and instant, real-time feedback from our team of experts on any question related to your job search or your unique situation.


Welcome to Cheeky Scientist


Our Story

Get Hired Into High-Paying, Meaningful Career

There was a time when getting your PhD was a thing of glory. It was deeply challenging to obtain an advanced degree, but once you had it, career success was inevitable. You were treated as valuable in academia.

But this is no longer the case.

For most PhD students and postdocs, tenured professorship is a lie. Day in and day out, PhDs exhaust themselves and allow academia to chip away at their mental and emotional wellbeing. The Cheeky Scientist Association is not satisfied with this trend. We are dedicated to showing PhDs something they have forgotten about themselves...

Their incredible value.

We began this journey as an idea - a vision of how the world could be if businesses were run at the highest level by brilliant, hard-working PhDs who were dedicated to making the world a better place. Now, with our network of over 11,000 PhD Associates, we are something more than an idea. We are a movement at the intersection of academia and industry, and we are redefining what it means to be a successful PhD.

Industry needs what PhDs have to offer, and we have the resources you need to change your life with a high-paying, top-level industry career. It's time to remember your value as a PhD.



Our Team

This is What Industry Success Looks Like

At the energetic core of the Cheeky Scientist Association are PhDs just like you - creative professionals who know firsthand what it's like to be abused by academia, and who found their way to industry success.

Some among our team are actual Cheeky Associates who disovered us and finally learned how to regain control of their career. They came on board with CSA to lend their own valuable insights and experiences to the industry transition process, creating a tremendous resource for PhDs who are ready and willing to do the same.

Then there is our team of Cheeky Scientist Consultants, all of whom are successful industry professionals who have managed large corporations, launched successful startups, and/or navigated companies in the biotechnology, medical, or pharmaceutical industries.

Gain access to our team of consultants by becoming a Cheeky Scientist Associate - join the waitlist today!




When it comes to seminars and other events, Cheeky Scientist does all the hard work for you, from organizing to setting up a personalized event video page.

Our marketing team will promote your event online and provide you with downloadable marketing materials so you can get the word out. You can avoid travel costs and other fees by booking a live, interactive video webinar—we’ll show you how.

We cover a huge range of business and industry topics like:

  • How to prepare industry resumes and CVs, basic and advanced career networking, and interviewing for industry positions.
  • Understanding the complete industry transition workflow, including how to start a job search, types of PhD jobs currently available, and how to leverage your transferable skills.
  • Advanced topics including salary negotiation, industry trends, and how to think like a hiring manager.
  • Inspirational topics including goal-setting, positive motivation, and improving focus and strategy.

Mix and match any of the above topics or request that we cover your own topic of interest.



If you’re an employer, you can’t scale your company unless you are able to close top talent. And closing a job-seeker isn’t as simple as finding an “experienced” candidate.

Many employers and recruiters can struggle to:

  • Find candidates who are fully engaged and actively searching for a job
  • Find candidates who are qualified
  • Conveniently contact candidates

It’s no secret that the hiring process is challenging. You are well-acquainted with the skill it takes to match the right person to the right position. Cheeky Scientist is ready to help you filter through unqualified job-seekers and hand-select individuals from a pool of high-caliber candidates. Our Associates represent an exclusive pool of PhDs who are able to learn key technical and interpersonal skills quickly and correctly...