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Chris Groves

Research and Development Director - Q2 Solutions

MedImmune purchased an Expert Cytometry site license. We have over 100 scientists using the program and the feedback has been phenomenal. I’m amazed at how much the scientists are coming to me with questions that are much more advanced than what I used to get before having access to Expert Cytometry. I’m now able to focus my attention, and that of my staff’s, to more advanced questions and inquiries specific to the researcher. We are also having less trouble with the mistakes that new users make and spending less time dealing with troubleshooting basic issues. As the core director at MedImmune, I definitely recommend Expert Cytometry to all cores, particularly in a corporate setting, where we simply do not have the time to train all of the new users in best practices. My core is running 10 hours a week, five days a week. I need my staff working hands-on with the users. With Expert Cytometry, I can provide any new user access to the class, have them take the modules, and gain the core concepts for performing flow cytometry before they design their first experiment. It makes training on the machines 10x easier.

Fabienne Lucas, MD, PhD

Brigham and Women's Hospital - Resident in Clinical Pathology

I began Expert Cytometry as a postdoc in the US after my medical and PhD training in Germany and the UK. I had used flow cytometry for more than 5 years but needed to take a ‘deep dive’ to really understand the technique. I soon became the expert in my lab and helped my peers design their experiments. It was also the impetus for me to apply (and receive) the Mary Lou Ingram Scholarship, and start the MiSET RFC standard while I continue my career in cytometry.

Marianne Beland

Immunology Scientist - ITR Laboratories Canada Inc.

Expert Cytometry was great from the beginning to the end. When I first contacted them, I felt their enthusiasm flow through their emails. They showed flexibility and accommodated my needs without any problems or complaints. The course itself was a success; everyone who attended learned something, no matter what their level of knowledge was when they entered the classroom. I am looking forward to taking more courses, and recommend them to anyone interested in flow cytometry.

Gergely Toldi

Senior Lecturer - Liggins Institute

Hosting an Expert Cytometry course at my institution was a great experience. We organized a two-day Flow Cytometry Bootcamp course for novice users. There was a truly international group of participants present with different backgrounds. In spite of that, by the end of the course, they were all familiar with the basic principles of flow. They did not only receive a thorough theoretical training on instrumentation and experimental design, but also hands-on know-how thanks to the knowledgeable sessions of Dr. Alfonso Blanco.

Michael Kissner

Director of Operations - Columbia University

Having hosted multiple courses with Expert Cytometry, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the material, effectiveness of delivery, and overall collaborative and adaptable atmosphere of the classroom. Carol Oxford creates an open, inviting learning environment and is able to tailor material to the students’ varied levels of experience. All of my core users who have participated in an Expert Cytometry course have been very engaged with the material, and I have noticed a salient shift in the way that they think about cytometry. Most especially, these students have started to think more critically about how they design experiments and question the often incorrect dogma passed down through labs over the years. These courses have been invaluable in creating a core user base that is both willing and able to truly understand cytometry. I have found Expert Cytometry to be an essential resource

Monica Delay

Technical Application Support - Cytek Biosciences

As a core manager, Expert Cytometry has been great to work with.  It’s often difficult to ensure clients are getting the information and education they need to perform their experiments effectively.  We have worked with Carol and Tim several times to deliver effective educational programs to our users.  They have a broad offering of classes and are willing to work with us to tailor the topics to our needs.  Client feedback has been very good which is a testament to the knowledge and expertise of the people behind Expert Cytometry. I also like their new series of webinars which are inexpensive, informative and allow users to gain valuable knowledge one hour at a time.

John Tigges

Program Director - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Excyte provided a wonderful course in Boston.  Feedback from attendees has been very positive and individuals want more. I believe there is a great benefit to advanced courses in Flow Cytometry as the number of fluorescence antibodies and analysis parameters keeps increasing. Between the multi-institutional CyTOF, and my lab’s 32 parameter Astrios, we are moving into some very high-end and cutting edge science. The expertise that the Expert Cytometry team brings to these courses is incredible. It is amazing how some individuals such as Expert Cytometry can take very complex materials and make them appear simple. In addition, I am and always will be a strong advocate of learning by doing. The Expert Cytometry course structure allows the student to be involved and interactive. This allows for greater ease of translation of the learned material into the student’s experiments. Great courses from great people.

Carina Torres

Core Manager - Eli Lilly & Company

I invited Expert Cytometry to Lilly Pharmaceuticals to teach a two-day comprehensive course; ranging from the fundamentals of flow to the experimental design of assays specific to what I think a lot of biotech companies are doing these days. Afterward, several of our scientists wondered why I didn’t bring in a course like this earlier! Our instructor, Tim Bushnell, Ph.D., educated my users with the background they needed to design their assays most effectively. I immediately noticed the positive impact he had when my users began to ask more informed questions during the planning stages of their experiments. As a busy core manager, it’s difficult to find the time to prepare such a well-designed course like Expert Cytometry offers while trying to stay focused on innovation and maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast-paced industry environment. I’m grateful to the Expert Cytometry team for helping me to keep things moving forward at Lilly.

Heather Holahan

Graduate Student - University of Iowa

I attended an Expert Cytometry course at the University of Iowa. The course was extremely detail-oriented, allowing attendees to work through the process of choosing the correct flow cytometry fluorophores and reagents for their particular experiments. I learned a lot from the discussions on flow cytometry controls, which helped me figure out which ones to use in my own research.  I found the instructor very approachable and willing to stay after the lecture for a long time to answer questions and give additional resources.

Robert Fultz

Microbiology Research Assistant - Baylor College of Medicine

I have much more confidence in the quality of data that I’m able to get from my samples after taking the Expert Cytometry, Complex Data Analysis course that was offered in Houston this year. I found the curriculum, the way it was taught, and the hands-on learning to be hugely helpful. I am very new to the world of flow cytometry so proficiency in even the most basic data preparation and analysis is critical for me and this class really put ahead of the curve. Additionally, using the techniques I learned in the course, I re-evaluated some data that I previously collected and found a critical error with the way the samples were run. The error would not have been detected without the knowledge I acquired in the course. I strongly recommend this course for anyone doing even simple FC analysis.

Johnna Wesley, PhD

Senior Director - Novo Nordisk Research Center

Expert Cytometry provided an excellent course to our group. The course was over two days. On day one, the instructors provided a great overview of core concepts of flow. On day two, we were able to customize the course to our needs. It was very valuable and I would recommend that if your group is starting to use flow more heavily, that you bring Expert Cytometry in for a course. There are nuances that I never knew and it immediately helped our group perform better experiments.

John Lupisella, PhD

Senior Research Scientist - Bristol Myers Squibb

Before taking this program, my experience with flow was limited to simple 2 color experiments. Then I was asked to perform a 10-color complete immunophenotype experiment in non-lymphoid tissues. With a ton of help from a long time co-worker and friend, I was successful with the effort. She highly recommended Expert Cytometry to me and I can say she was right. This program truly elevated my knowledge and understanding of flow cytometry. It was very organized, concise, and covered everything from understanding your instrument, optimizing it’s performance, designing multicolor panels, and executing a flow cytometry experiment with all the necessary controls. I look forward to learning more from the advanced seminars and webinars. I highly recommend this course.”

Paul Jorgensen

Principal - Halteres Associates, LLC

I was (and still am for the most part) completely ignorant of the details of flow cytometry. The Expert Cytometry team provided explanations and helped me understand the technology to the point where I was able to intelligently and efficiently manage both of our contract flow labs. Expert Cytometry provided independent assessments of the quality of the work and data from the labs that allowed me to make good decisions regarding the results. Finally, I was always amazed at how quickly Expert Cytometry responded and completed the analyses when we were on short timelines. We continue to work with Expert Cytometry and will for the foreseeable future.

Heather Caouette

CMC Project Manager - BlueBirdBio

Our group at BlueBirdBio was relatively new to flow. We brought Expert Cytometry in for a basic course, and also to help train us on best practices for our new flow cytometer. The level of flow cytometry knowledge Expert Cytometry brought with them was amazing. I can’t believe how much experience Expert Cytometry has and how much they bring to the courses they provide. Expert Cytometry was able to answer all questions with real-world examples. The course brought the theory of flow to the real world and helped us understand the concepts more easily. Expert Cytometry was professional, courteous, and it almost felt like they became part of our group while we were working together. I know I can ask Expert Cytometry any questions whenever I need them and I hope to continue to work with them as we move forward. I have no doubt we’ll bring Expert Cytometry back for another course in the future.

Pat Leinert

Marketing Director - Leinco Technologies

We worked with Expert Cytometry for one year, utilizing them for consulting work and writing technical documents for several of our flow cytometry products. Working with Tim Bushnell at Expert Cytometry was great. Tim is efficient and highly technical. His 15+ years of experience really shows, as he brings a level of detail to the work that we had never experienced from other consultants. There are a lot of so-called flow cytometry “experts” out there, but having worked with numerous ones, we have found the group at Expert Cytometry to be the most knowledgeable. As we continue to expand our flow cytometry portfolio, I will definitely work with Tim and his group at Expert Cytometry again.

Miguel Garcia

Head of Flow Cytometry Unit - Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

As a Core Manager, my position requires staying up to date with the latest best practices. Expert Cytometry provided the necessary information on flow cytometry to stay on the cutting edge of the field for a reasonable investment. Overall, the course was really well done by speakers expert on the field and I really appreciated the flexibility of listening to the webinars as needed. Expert Cytometry is wonderful and I would recommend it to beginner as well as advanced flow cytometry professionals.

Charlotte Christie Petersen, PhD

Core Manager - Aarhus University

I joined Expert Cytometry because I wanted to learn a few new flow cytometry methodologies. In particular, I was interested in learning about Cell Cycle and, more broadly, experimental design. I have not done much cell cycle analysis, so I enjoyed and learned a lot from the cell cycle session. Overall, the instructors were excellent and the topics were very relevant. I enjoyed having access to both live webinars and recorded instructional videos. I’m looking forward to see what webinars Expert Cytometry offer next.

Phillip Wong, PhD

Director - Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

I’m a core manager and even though I’m very knowledgeable in the field of flow cytometry, it can be difficult to stay up to date with current trends and current best practices. Occasionally, a new technique or methodology will come up that I want to learn and that’s why I joined Expert Cytometry. My favorite thing about Expert Cytometry was the easy-to-follow presentations. They were loaded with many useful tips about flow cytometry and antibody panel design. The program reviews the current best practices in flow cytometry along with a number of other interesting and relevant topics in the field. The instructors were great and the cost was reasonable, what more could you ask for?

Dorothy Brach, PhD

Scientist - Epizyme

I work in R&D and was just a beginner in flow cytometry. I joined Expert Cytometry because I needed to learn a lot about flow and I needed to learn it fast. I was amazed at the level of information and the quality of speakers that the program offered. I learned a lot about the entire field of flow and was able to dive deeper into topics I was really interested in like antibody panel design. Expert Cytometry is great and I would recommend it to other people who want to learn more about flow cytometry.

Amrutesh Puranik, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist - Regeneron

I’m a postdoctoral researcher and know a lot about flow but I needed to learn a few new techniques and execute them before I could get my paper published. I joined Expert Cytometry because they have a good reputation for teaching high-level flow cytometry information very well. I really enjoyed the personal guidance Expert Cytometry offered and was impressed by how much I learned about controls and compensation, experimental design, statistics, and even apoptosis. Expert Cytometry is perhaps the only class that teaches you from scratch how to be a flow cytometry expert.

Marielle Cavrois, PhD

Senior Scientist - Gilead Sciences

I’m a Principle Investigator and Core Manager. I’m very experienced in flow cytometry and spend a lot of time learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of the field. I joined Expert Cytometry to do just that—to keep up with current trends and best practices. Plus, I was interested in learning more about specific things like statistical analysis and measuring proliferation by flow cytometry. I really enjoyed the Expert Cytometry training videos and was very happy to find that I could go back through the material whenever I wanted because everything was archived. Expert Cytometry is a great resource for both beginner and advanced flow cytometry professionals.

Eva Morschl, PhD

Scientist, Lab Manager - K2 Biolabs

I’m a research scientist in industry with a lot of experience in flow cytometry. I signed up for Expert Cytometry because I needed to learn a specific flow cytometry technique. I also wanted to learn more instrument operation and antibody panel design. The Expert Cytometry was full of useful information and advice. The instructors were experienced, smart, and funny. It was great to be able to go back through the instructional materials again and again.

Vijaya Satchidanandam, PhD

Professor - Indian Institute of Science

I’m a principle investigator interested in learning advanced flow cytometry methologies. In particular, I wanted to learn about experimental design, controls and compensation, and data analysis. Expert Cytometry delivered on all three of these fronts. I was very impressed with two things. First, the detailed training of flow cytometry instrumentation and the principles of how to use this instrumentation. Second, the clear explanations and descriptions of underlying theories that all flow cytometry principles are based on. The Expert Cytometry materials are great for any investigator looking to learn more about the field.

Nancy Fisher, PhD

Core Director - University of North Carolina

I am a Core Director and have a lot of experience in flow cytometry. I joined Cheeky Scientist’s Expert Cytometry because I wanted to keep up with where the field was headed and learn more about a few specific topics, namely experimental design and flow cytometry statistics. I really enjoyed having access to high-level flow cytometry knowledge online and found many of the instructional videos to be excellent.

Kerry White

Principal Scientist - Phenomic AI

Wow, this was an amazing online class! It allowed me to finally prove to my colleagues that we don’t actually need isotypes anymore. As a research scientist, it’s my job to stay abreast of the latest practices and techniques involved with flow cytometry and this course allowed me to do just that. The Expert Cytometry was flexible and provided excellent information on the specific techniques that I was interested in. Definitely recommended for even experienced scientists.

Matthias Wölfl, PhD

Professor - University Children’s Hospital Würzburg

There’s always something new to learn, I’ve discovered, especially in the field of flow cytometry. The Expert Cytometry program is one of the best I’ve seen on the topic of flow cytometry. Aside from the up to date information, I appreciated the ease of learning, thanks to the flexible timing that this program offered. The recorded webinars and online core training material allowed me to listen when I had spare time and none of that time was wasted. The Expert Cytometry is great for any scientist wanting to master the field of flow cytometry.

Chris Kloss, Ph.D.

Associate Principal Scientist - Merck

I’ve been doing flow cytometry for over 9 years. Over these years I’ve come across certain issues that are “not found in the users manual.” By joining Expert Cytometry’s easy-to-attend online seminars, you have a way to truly become an expert cytometrist at your leisure with the ability to ask flow experts from around the world burning questions that you’ve always had. After taking the “5 Things You’re Doing Wrong in FACSDiva During Your Flow Cytometry Experiment” I learned things I’ve wondered about for years and learned small changes I can do that will drastically improve my flow methods. These courses provide you one-on-one ability to learn from flow experts that are currently running entire flow cores at world-renowned locations. Since it is not experts from any of the companies, you are provided with a very honest, humble, and practical training. Since these people are in the trenches doing day-to-day flow, they know the weird glitches, tid bits, and most importantly ways to get things working not normally found through the company or in a manual.

Jeanette Ampudia

Project Manager - Equillium, Inc

I’m a research scientist in industry with a lot of experience in flow cytometry. Still, it’s important for me to stay on the leading edge of the field. That’s where Expert Cytometry Program comes in. I joined Expert Cytometry because I wanted, among other things, to learn more about antibody panel design and measuring Apoptosis by flow cytometry. The Mastery Class has been helpful to me because I like having access to general information as well as certain details that I might not have been aware of. I also like the time of the webinars and although I do have experience in flow cytometry it is nice to learn a new outlook or even be reminded of things you knew but might have forgotten. Altogether, Expert Cytometry is a great resource for flow cytometry in general.

Tom Jingyu Mu, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher - McMaster University

I’m a postdoctoral researcher and a research scientist, so staying on top of the latest techniques in my field is essential for maintaining my quality of work. To do this, I take courses and classes that are designed for more advanced researchers. All too often, the information is too basic, but the ExCyte Mastery Class was not only high quality, it was directed at scientists who are already familiar with the basics. It allowed me to update my knowledge of flow cytometry and brush up on some techniques I wasn’t as familiar with. There is a lot of information packed into the class and this makes it extremely valuable to anyone who requires.