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Chris Groves

“MedImmune purchased a Cheeky Scientist Technical Program site license. We have over 100 scientists using the program and the feedback has been phenomenal. I’m amazed at how much the scientists are coming to me with questions that are much more advanced than what I used to get before having access to Cheeky Scientist Technical Programs. I’m now able to focus my attention, and that of my staff’s, to more advanced questions and inquiries specific to the researcher. We are also having less trouble with the mistakes that new users make and spending less time dealing with troubleshooting basic issues. As the core director at MedImmune, I definitely recommend Cheeky Scientist’s Technical Programs to all cores, particularly in a corporate setting, where we simply do not have the time to train all of the new users in best practices. My core is running 10 hours a week, five days a week. I need my staff working hands-on with the users. With Cheeky Scientist’s Technical Programs, I can provide any new user access to the class, have them take the modules, and gain the core concepts for performing flow cytometry before they design their first experiment. It makes training on the machines 10x easier.”

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