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Welcome To ExCyte

We have the technical information and experience you need. Cheeky Scientist's ExCyte division is the web's #1-source for flow cytometry optimization techniques that you can aply directly to your own lab work.

Whether you are a core manager looking to keep your users on the cutting edge, or a business professional looking to enter into this rapidly growing market, ExCyte can help. We formed ExCyte to gather people who are as passionate about learning successful flow cytometry as we are. Our team has decades of experience teaching and managing flow labs.


Our Advanced Technical eBooks

Advanced Microscopy

Learn the best practices and advanced techniques across the diverse fields of microscopy, including instrumentation, experimental setup, image analysis, figure preparation, and more.
flow cytometry tablet eBook cover

Modern Flow Cytometry

Learn the best practices of flow cytometry experimentation, data analysis, figure preparation, antibody panel design, instrumentation and more. 

Advanced 4-10 Color Compensation

Advanced 4-10 Color Compensation, Learn strategies for designing advanced antibody compensation panels and how to use your compensation matrix to analyze your experimental data.


Expert Cytometry

Get access to expert training in flow cytometry, including real-time guidance by top flow cytometry scientists.

Expert Microscopy

Get access to expert training in microscopy, including daily mentorship by microscopy experts across disciplines.

Expert Sequencing

COMING SOON: Get access to expert training in next generation sequencing (NGS) by top NGS experts.



When it comes to seminars and other events, ExCyte does all the hard work for you, from organizing to setting up a personalized event video page.

Our marketing team will promote your event online and provide you with downloadable marketing materials so you can get the word out. You can avoid travel costs and other fees by booking a live, interactive video webinar—we’ll show you how.

We cover a huge range of advanced topics like:

  • The fundamentals of mass cytometry
  • Super resolution techniques
  • Experimental reproducibility
  • Tissue analysis
  • Flow cytometer purchase and maintenance
  • Microscopy assays
  • Implementing QC programs
  • Live-cell imaging
  • ...And more!

Mix and match any of the above topics or request that we cover your own topic of interest.

Improved Science In Your Lab

Master The Field Of Flow Cytometry

The ExCyte Mastery Class is for scientists who want to:

  • Stay up to date with current trends and best practices
  • Gain advanced knowledge quickly (even if you're a beginner)
  • Learn how to control for any type of flow cytometry experiment
  • Learn specific flow cytometry techniques and methodologies
  • Get expert information on flow cytometry antibody panel design, experimental design, data analysis, and statistics


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