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Chris Kloss, Ph.D.

“I’ve been doing flow cytometry for over 9 years. Over these years I’ve come across certain issues that are “not found in the users manual.” By joining Expert Cytometry’s easy-to-attend online seminars, you have a way to truly become an expert cytometrist at your leisure with the ability to ask flow experts from around the world burning questions that you’ve always had. After taking the “5 Things You’re Doing Wrong in FACSDiva During Your Flow Cytometry Experiment” I learned things I’ve wondered about for years and learned small changes I can do that will drastically improve my flow methods. These courses provide you one-on-one ability to learn from flow experts that are currently running entire flow cores at world-renowned locations. Since it is not experts from any of the companies, you are provided with a very honest, humble, and practical training. Since these people are in the trenches doing day-to-day flow, they know the weird glitches, tid bits, and most importantly ways to get things working not normally found through the company or in a manual.”

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