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Carina Torres

“I invited ExCyte to Lilly Pharmaceuticals to teach a two-day comprehensive course; ranging from the fundamentals of flow to the experimental design of assays specific to what I think a lot of biotech companies are doing these days. Afterward, several of our scientists wondered why I didn’t bring in a course like this earlier! Our instructor, Tim Bushnell, Ph.D., educated my users with the background they needed to design their assays most effectively. I immediately noticed the positive impact he had when my users began to ask more informed questions during the planning stages of their experiments. As a busy core manager, it’s difficult to find the time to prepare such a well-designed course like ExCyte offers while trying to stay focused on innovation and maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast-paced industry environment. I’m grateful to the ExCyte team for helping me to keep things moving forward at Lilly.”

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